Friday, August 10, 2007

Blog revised and updated!

I've spent the afternoon revising and updating this blog, prompted partly by the end-of-summer dread (if I don't get this blog cleaned up before school starts, I wouldn't have time to do that until winter break...!), and partly because Desire2Learn has asked me to create a "Showcase Course" at the Desire2Learn Community website, which is a chance to spread the word about widgets and javascripts to a wider audience.

So, welcome to any of you who are here visiting the blog for the first time!

And for those of you who have visited the blog before, you might want to browse around to see the new improvements I've made to the blog site, thanks to the amazing powers of Blogger beta. (If you have not explored all the great template and page element features available from Blogger these days, it's definitely worth taking a look - very cool and very easy to use!)

I've got quite a few widgets I need to post here and I'll try to do that over the weekend. Meanwhile, if you have questions or comments about this blog or about the widgets in general, please feel free to let me know! You can leave comments here - just make sure you provide your email address if you want me to respond to your comment personally.

Is everybody else feeling that end-of-summer start-of-school buzz? It's quite exciting!

That's all for now - I'll be back online this weekend with more widgets! :-)

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