Saturday, August 13, 2011

Verbum Hodiernum

Share and enjoy! Get the Latin verbum hodiernum or a randomized word for use in your own blog or webpage, anywhere javascript is accepted. Want to see more? Check out the random verbum!

Here is the date-based javascript:


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was interested in getting time heals all wounds in Latin as a tattoo.
Would "Tempus omnia vulnera sanat" also be correct?


Laura Gibbs said...

Yes, that is a literal translation of the English into Latin, or you could use an actual Latin saying instead of translating from English into Latin. Here are some Latin sayings that express a similar idea:

Doloris medicus tempus.
Time is the doctor of grief/pain.

Tempus dolorem lenit.
Time soothes grief/pain.

Tempus omnia sanat.
Time make all things whole/healthy.

Tempus optima medicina.
Time is the best medicine.