Sunday, November 27, 2011

Camerarius Emblem Reference Page

Here is the information you need about the Camerarius Emblem Widget.
  • Contents: Each entry consists of an emblem from Camerius, along with a Latin distich; there are also some emblems from Bornitius as well.
  • Display: You can choose to see a date-based OR a random version.
  • Images: Each emblem is 400 pixels in width.
  • Width: Because of the images, the widget needs at least 400 pixels to display properly.
  • Widget in action: Camerarius Emblem of the Day
  • Widget in action: Random Camerarius Emblem
  • Get the script: Camerarius Emblem Script
  • Source table: You can see the raw table for the Camerarius-Bornitz Emblems here.
  • More information: You can find more information on the Camerarius-Bornitz page at the Disticha Latina blog