Monday, November 28, 2011

Latin Carols Reference Page

Here is the information you need about the Latin Christmas Carols widget.
  • Contents: There is an entry for each day of December, with a link to one or more carols in Latin, plus an image.
  • Display: The content of the widget is date-based only.
  • Images: You have a choice of images 200 pixels wide or 400 pixels wide.
  • Width: Make sure you display the widget wide enough for the images, either 200 or 400 pixels.
  • Widget in action - 200 pixels: Latin Carol of the Day
  • Widget in action - 400 pixels: Latin Carol of the Day
  • Get the script: Latin Carol Script
  • Source table: Calendar of Latin Carols
  • More information: For more information, see the Gaudium Mundo blog.