Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Polydorus Adagia Reference Page

Here is the information you need about the Polydorus Adagia widget.
  • Contents: Each day's entry contains the Latin text of a proverb and an English translation; the proverbs are derived from both the "Sacred" and "Profane" adages.
  • Display: You can get a date-based version OR a random version.
  • Images: There are no images in this widget.
  • Width: The widget can be displayed at any width.
  • Widget in action: Polydorus Adagia of the Day
  • Widget in action: Random Polydorus Adagia
  • Get the script: Polydorus Adagia Script
  • More information: See the Polydorus Adagia page at my Google Books blog.

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