Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Greek Proverbs Reference Page

Here is the information you need about the Greek Proverbs widget.
  • Contents: This is a collection of 366 Greek Proverbs as recorded by Apostolius, along with a Latin translation for each one.
  • Display: The widget can be date-based OR random.
  • Images: There are no images for this widget.
  • Width: You can have the widget at any width.
  • Widget in action: Greek Proverb of the Day
  • Widget in action: Random Greek Proverbs
  • Get the script: Greek Proverbs Script
  • More information: You can see the complete Centuria of Apostolius at Bibliotheca Augustana; the Latin translations are available online as well, accompanied by a transliterated version of the Centuria (a project someone put online back in 2000, when getting Greek to display in web browsers was tremendously difficult).


Delta said...

Dear Laura Χαιρε!
You say "You can easily include these javascript widgets in your own Blogger.com blog;"

but how can I do this? Can you please explain?

Thank you very much
Amfitryon [http://kopais.blogspot.com/]

Laura Gibbs said...

The way it works is that you grab the javascript which I've provided (just copy-and-paste the script from the box) - and then you can add a widget to your Blogger.com - in the Design view, you add to the sidebar - choose the HTML Box option, and you can paste in the javascript and save.